Sam Harris

Host of Growth Mindset Podcast


Sam Harris is an entrepreneur, explorer, writer and philosopher. He puts his time into being a keen environmentalist, terrible vegetarian and a raving feminist.

He also enjoys coding, music, reading, scaring himself and exploring the boundary between life and death more regularly than he should.

Host Skills

Annoyingly positive and endlessly curious, Sam is well suited to podcasting and has always had a knack for finding interesting people and asking them rather personal questions and digging himself into holes. Basically it was podcasting or nursery school.


Sam has been to over 50 countries and lived in 6 of them. Some highlights include hitchiking across Kazhakstan, visiting North Korea and living in the woods of Tasmania.

He has run several business and managed to even sell some of them, no one knows how, least of all him.

Thoughts expressed by Sam are purely his own at the time of saying them and liable to change on a regular basis. Sam is not to be taken seriously on anything.

Sam Harris has hosted 210 Episodes.