Sam Harris

Special guest


Sam Harris is the host of the Growth Mindset Podcast and a nomadic digital entrepreneur. He has started several businesses as well as working in emotional-tech building AI systems for measuring human emotions.

As a student of Psychology and Biology Sam is endlessly curious by human minds and how their environment affects what they do. On his podcast he has interviewed Billionaires, Olympians, Nobel Scientists and even a hitman, all in the name of curiously exploring the meaning of life the universe and everything.

He is curious about everything and always open to experimenting, with hobbies ranging from breakdance to investing, biohacking to writing. There is an endless list of interesting things to investigate.


Sam successfully launched and sold his own business whilst studying for a degree in Biology and Psychology at Bristol University and then took some time out for music production.

He went back to work creating emotionally intelligent AI alongside various entrepreneurial hustles. He then ran a development agency whilst travelling the world and launching this podcast.

“When I first coached someone into a Growth Mindset it completely changed their life, I knew I always wanted to be doing it which lead to me starting this podcast.”<

Sam is now a co-founder of Postary with the mission of reducing spam in the world and transforming transactional connections into human connections.


Sam brings his insatiable appetite for learning to the podcast and challenges his guests with unusual questions to bring listeners unique insights.

Sam’s goal is to show listeners how anyone can do amazing things and provide realistic steps they can take to get there.

He wants to showcase where motivations come from and where listeners can find their own sources of motivation and inspiration.

Sam Harris has been a guest on 18 episodes.