Matt Lerner

Special guest

Matt Lerner

Founded Startup Core Strengths to help European startups get much much better at customer acquisition via courses, workshops, online learning and tons of free content. (Matt also worked directly with a few private clients)

Before founding Startup Core Strengths, Matt was the London-based Partner of 500 Startups, an early-stage VC fund, where he started the "Distro Dojo" seed-stage growth program for our portfolio companies.

Prior to joining 500 Startups, he worked for many years building and managing growth teams for three startups (two disasters, one exit), and later at PayPal.

Matt approaches his work first as a general manager and then as a marketer, product manager or both, as needed. His lens is quantitative, but rooted in deep customer insights and testing, and based on fast iteration.

Matt is always learning, and he really enjoys teaching and helping those around him to learn and improve.

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