Chris Howard

Special guest

Chris Howard

CEO of The Rattle & Cofounder of Min

Chris Howard is a builder of provocative companies. His mission is to free talented makers from old-school gatekeepers. While he considers himself a beginner at almost everything, he has spent a considerable number of years exploring the boundaries of entrepreneurship and psychology.

Born to a working-class family in Reading UK, Chris started as a professional music artist while studying for a Ph.D in computational physics. Realising he was too ugly with a painfully short attention span, Chris went on a crazy set of adventures to see what he wanted to be when he grew up. This included ( comically) a brief stint studying medicine, competing in a reality TV cooking show with Gordon Ramsay, a ‘professional’ touring cyclist, and training to become a clandestine member of Her Majesty’s government.

In 2009, chance took him to MIT in Cambridge, MA to fuse psychology and tech to influence young people towards STEM. He also became a Head Teaching Fellow at Harvard. It was in Boston he discovered his passion for startups and entrepreneurship - swept in the technological movement & corporate rebellion resulting from the greed of the financial crisis.

Chris co founded and led the psychology-tech marketing company, Libboo - freeing authors from dogmatic publishers. He co founded MassChallenge in the UK - now one of the most well-known startup accelerators on Earth. He also became an Entrepreneur in Residence for notable organisations as MIT, Techstars, Digital Catapult, and Exeter University. In 2015 he became one of London’s first ‘venture builders’ - investing in weird and wonderful makers of provocative technology - helping them build startups from scratch. Notable startups include the in-memory graph database company, Memgraph. The psychology-marketing company, Datasine. The language media company, One Third Stories and the IOT Logistics company, Envio. Throughout 2015 to 2018, he taught the masters program in Technology Entrepreneurship at University College London, and Hult International Business School. Chris is currently the co founder & CEO of The Rattle - a venture building company helping artists, hackers, and inventors become powerful founders of movements & startups in London and Los Angeles.

Chris has featured on the BBC, The Next Web, Read Write Web, Entrepreneur Magazine, and The Boston Globe alongside numerous peer-reviewed academic papers. Despite all this, Chris still considers himself woefully naive - constantly seeking ‘grown ups’ to tell him what to do and explain all this startup nonsense to him once and for all.

Chris Howard has been a guest on 2 episodes.