Shifra Khan

Special guest


Shifra Khan is a 16 year old Brain Computer Interface and a Nanotech enthusiast working on identifying huge economically incentivized problems within different industries, roles, and technologies.

Shifra started out schooling like every kid but evetually chose to go the unconventional way for her education. To her, the way the system works, does not optimizes those individuals looking to impact a billion people. And it makes sense learning through online the topics that she's interested rather than paying a lot for formal education.


Shifra interned as a Tech Risk Consultant at KPMG Canada, building a tool that stores and deploys enterprise-wide security strategy questionnaires for KPMG clients. Now she is at the CIBC as an Analytics Analyst, building out CIBC's data and analytic capabilities and working on an enterprise-wide data management strategy.

Shifra has consulted for some really awesome companies, including Wealthsimple, Walmart Innovation Labs, ad Fasken. She has also experience in public speaking — including recording a podcast with TribalScale, an internal KPMG Canada conference, and IBM's CASCON X Evoke.


Shifra Khan gets to lead a very unconventional life -- and she is grateful for it. Adding to this, she recognizes her privileges in getting to lead the life she do.

In Shifra's spare time, you can find her writing blogs on things she is passionate about and gaining unique experiences along the way.

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