Ross Jackson-Hicks

Special guest

Ross Jackson-Hicks is a hairdresser that turned his life around to start revolutionary support group in Cornwall called Man Down.

As Ross was diagnosed with ADD-ADHD at an early age, his way of dealing with the problems and a “brain that just wouldn’t stop” was to binge drink and take drugs which he admits sent him spiraling down. So much so, that he narrowly avoided jail time after an assault on a night out in Falmouth.

Having suffered himself, Ross had an empathy for other men suffering from mental health concerns. With this, it lead him to start a support group for men to openly express their feelings and problems.

Man Down Cornwall is a peer support group across Cornwall that promotes men's mental health and wellbeing. Ross hopes Man Down will get more men talking.

Ross Jackson-Hicks has been a guest on 1 episode.