Noam Kostucki

Special guest


Noam Kostucki is an artist, an entrepreneur and a coach. Noam was born in Belgium from a Polish Jew family and studied Civil Engineering at the University of Bristol.

Noam dropped out of university and spent 12 years working as a corporate trainer and business coach. Noam bought a small piece of land in the jungle in Costa Rica to build a retreat center for coaching clients,

Noam decided to start cooking dinner for friends and people in the area who complained there wasn’t fine food in Costa Rica. Within a year, “HiR restaurant” – which was really just 2 picnic tables in the garden – is now one of the best fine dining on TripAdvisor for the province of Guanacaste (Costa Rica).


Noam Kostucki is a restaurant owner but most importantly guiding others to create their own magic and unfold their masterpieces.

The mother company that hosts all my ventures is called HiR, which is the integration of “Him” and “Her”.

Noam founded “HiR Adventure” which integrates fine dining, business, and spiritual adventures. HiR is believed to be the integration of Him and Her, the integration of opposites. HiR is pronounced "here" because it is not a physical place: it's the space inside us where the magic happens.


Noam Kostucki has lived most of his life in the closest as a straight while male, but Noam is gender fluid.

Over the years of dating trans women, it hurt Noam to see so many struggling with financial independence and transitioning, in addition to creating successful and meaningful careers. The trans community has played a very important part in Noam's life, helping understand who Noam is outside of the simplistic norms Noam grew up with.

Noam is now working to build a million dollar investment fund for trans entrepreneurs all over the world, while living and working with a trans woman whom Noam loves.

Noam Kostucki has been a guest on 2 episodes.