Heather Thorkelson

Special guest

Heather Thorkelson is a successful serial entrepreneur, lifestyle business coach and consultant, founder of the Republic Of Freedom, and co-founder of Twin Tracks Expedition, a polar expedition company.

Heahter specializes in creating standout experiences where her clients embrace new adventures and become a better human being.

Prior to starting her first company in 2011, Heather worked all over the world in various capacities. Canadian born and without a Plan B, she left for Mexico at 23 to manage 15 staff as the English Director in a private school in the Mexican desert.

Later she ventured to South Africa to build a complete social media platform for a HIV non-profit, and then went on to Vancouver where she ‘guided old rich cowboys’ through an online auctioning process where they could buy a $3 million dollar crane in Dubai for their business. She was also a sales rep for a drug company for 7 long years, and points out that, thankfully, she could work from a home office.

Heather also runs a bespoke polar expedition company that takes discerning travelers on once-in-a-lifetime expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic. But more than anything, Heather is an incurable entrepreneur.

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