Dane Knighton

Special guest

Growing up penniless in South Africa, Dane Knighton immigrated to England, Colchester at age 9 not speaking a lick of English. He grew up in a tiny 2-bedroom semi-detached house with no bedroom. As much as 6 people would live in this small Victorian like shack. His "bed" consisted of a black leather couch. Growing up with anxiety didn’t help.

Dane seriously considered suicide. He went from having just a few pounds in his bank account, almost never having his own bedroom since birth, suffering from severe acne and almost taking his life…To a published author of 4 highly respected books and being watched by over 1,564,623 people on the planet. And it’s been said, Dane frequently gets asked to be a strategic partner to companies, to engineer new profit centres.Mainly doing this through his primary skills – Copywriting, offer creation and marketing strategies

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