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About Growth Mindset Podcast

The Growth Mindset Podcast hosts conversations with incredible individuals across the world, sharing insights and lessons into how mindset helped them to live a more fulfilling life.

“The goal of the podcast is to help listeners cultivate a growth mindset that empowers them to be happier, healthier, wiser and wealthier”

Our guests range from billionaires to top scientists, athletes to people who are just suspiciously happy. We tell their stories to show how they went from ordinary to extraordinary.


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Guest Philosophy

I believe there are things to be learnt from everyone in all walks of life. I get a number of high profile individuals such as The founder of Skype and Gold medal olympians. I also talk to people who are in the process of building their success or who might never succeed. I think only talking to people who are ultra-successful hides you from the true path to success.

I have spoken to successful people who attributed their success to actions that I know unsuccessful people do to. Sometimes it is hard at the top to truly understand the route you took to get there. I love being a scientist and really finding truth and challenging my own views and ways of thinking. I learn so much from talking to individuals at all walks of life and hope you will listen to the different insights I get from all the episodes besides just he big names.

That said. It's a free world. Do what you want. The podcast is free for you to enjoy how you like 😌

Interviewing Philosophy

I'm the annoying child that couldn't stop asking why. With my guests I don't take things at surface value and love digging deeper and not skipping over things. It's amazing unpacking peoples lives and finding deeper reasons behind their behaviour besides the stated easy explanation.

I have always been interested in being unique and creating completely new things. I prefer to avoid the normal topics of conversation and don't always ask guests the stories they are most famous for so that myself and listeners can find something out that they haven't got anywhere else. Also it's nice for the guest themselves to talk about different things

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