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202: Systems Thinking Applied To Mindsets - Tessa Clarke, CEO of OLIO

February 1st, 2022

Tessa Clarke

Tessa is a startup founder who thrives in challenging environments, and has a strong track record of driving change.
She grew up on a farm and knows how much hard work goes into producing the food we all eat, and absolutely 'hates' throwing it away.

When she was moving country and the removal men said she has to bin their food, she couldn't do it and it was when the OLIO app was born.

OLIO is now helping save millions of food items from being thrown away. It's also changing peoples relationships with food and increasing connections with neighbours. And they are just getting started!

Tessa is a systems thinker and despite facing massive challenges against her, she has been able to positively shift the mindsets of people to create positive change in the world.

Tessa is truly an inspiration and in this episode we could only touch on some of the brilliance of her thoughts and how she goes about changing herself and the world.

03:03 - Knowing Who is Tessa and her life
07:14 - Tessa's Advise
10:07 - What is Olio?
11:33 - Funding and Community of Olio
12:40 - Seed Round
16:55 - Overcoming Barriers
21:51 - Olio's Competition
24:04 - Childhood Character and Development
30:20 - Lifestyle of the Present World
35:49 - _Leading a Sustainable Lifestyle

39:35 - Growth Mindset
43:17_Mindset in Climate Crisis_


Dana Kanze TedTalk speech
The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

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