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204: Knowing Your Why In Minimalism; Chris Lovett, Author of 'Discovery of Less'

February 15th, 2022

Chris Lovett

Chris Lovett is a minimalist, speaker, career mentor, professional executive coach, podcast host, simplicity coach, disruptive thought leader, and author of the bestselling self sufficiency, green living and business motivation book Discovery of Less. Also retired hip hop & rnb DJ, music geek with big hair and voted 'best legs 1998' at a college 5-a-side football tournament.

He is one of the UK's only motivational speakers (and kinda hilarious one too) on minimalism and the less is progress lifestyle. His minimalist storytelling and the timing of it resonates deeply across personal and professional lives as he share his crazy story behind selling off, donating, recycling and discarding everything he ever owned and walking away from the security of a 'successful' career. You could say he was consumed by stuff - or stuffocated! Plus he talk about the incredible positive impact and psychology behind decluttering, our relationship and attachment with stuff and the 'always on' mentality.

The words of his experiences and teachings have touched thousands of lives in over 50 countries and have been featured on prominent lifestyle platforms such as No Sidebar, Minimalism Life and Optimal Living Daily. He have talked at festivals, wellbeing events, financial institutions and consultancy firms across the UK and beyond!

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