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158: Wiser Than Yesterday podcast - The best books of 2020

February 16th, 2021

Wiser than Yesterday - The best books of 2020

Nico and I look back at what we read on the show in 2020.

Both Nico and I choose our top three books from the year that we discussed on the show and share what the biggest lessons were that really stuck with us. Looking back with hindsight at the most powerful lessons was a great tool to really show what the absolute best books were which can be less obvious in the moment.

We also had one wildcard book each that we read outside of the show but was really worth a mention.

The top list

Joint first

(Yes - we both had the same favourite book)

Why Buddhism is True - Robert Wright

We both highly agreed this was the worst title and the best book. So many lessons on how to just be a more content human not at the mercy of uncontrollable and incessant thoughts.
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Joint second

(Yes - we both had the same favourite second book)

Antifragile - Nassim N. Taleb

Epic book on how to gain from disorder and find strength in setbacks.
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Nico's Number 3

Elephant in the Brain

How we lie to ourselves about our own motives to fit in better socially, and where this trips us up.
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Sam's Number 3

- On the Shortness of Life - Seneca

How time is the only finite resource a human has and yet spend it so frivously on the wrong things to acquire things of less importance. A guide on how to live and seek true purpose.

Nico's Wildcard

HumanKind - Rutger Bregman

How humans have truly innate goodness and co-operation built into them and why this is the story of our success.
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Sam's Wildcard

Siddartha - Herman Hesse

The life story of a rebel and seeker of purpose and happiness. A beautiful tale about the flow of life and the lessons we need to learn by ourselves and what is most important to value.
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An epic year and we're super excited for all the reading in 2021. Any suggestions for the show or books that were your favourite last year let us know!


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