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177: Mind love - Melissa Monte, Host of Mind Love Podcast

July 6th, 2021

Melissa Monte

A keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and the host of the popular podcast “Mind Love”. Melissa is obsessed with learning what makes us humans tick. After spending too long as a guinea pig for bad decisions, she learned first hand how to undo a downward spiral. She’s now spent the last 16 years exploring methods of improving the human condition.

Top Takeaways

Hitting rock bottom undeniably put her life in such a tumultuous state, but has definitely brought her into a place she never imagined. Indeed, life can be hard, but in time, everything will fall into place. To love ourselves, it is important to constantly seek introspection to keep ourselves in check.

Be accountable for your mistakes. Don’t let your failures affect what you are capable of.


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