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166: Applying Growth Mindset to business, startups and life - Matt Lerner, Founder Startup Core Strengths

April 13th, 2021

Matt Lerner

Before becoming a VC, Matt has spent 15 years as a “growth marketer” in Silicon Valley, including 10 years at PayPal. As a Partner at 500 Startups, Matt led 35 early-stage investments, and he developed and led the “Distro Dojo” growth program, where he helped startups achieve average growth of 250% in 12 months.

Matt also help founders skip expensive mistakes, focus on the impactful work, and build high-growth startups. After watching hundreds of startups waste investors’ money on bad marketing hires and expensive non-scalable tactics, Matt founded Startup Core Strengths to help startups learn the foundational mindset and habits to drive sustainable growth.

Matt's mission is to enable every startup in Europe to get much better at customer acquisition. When not hacking growth, Matt occasionally lectures on Startup Marketing at Imperial College and Stanford Business School. Also, he is obsessed with optimizing his own health, “biohacking,” fasting and measuring anything that isn’t nailed down.


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