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175: Exploring consciousness and reality - Jim Rutt, Podcaster at The Jim Rutt Show

June 22nd, 2021


John Stuart’s view of consciousness is biological: We are conscious because we are animal.

Consciousness is something that we evolved without animal lines.
Conscious is biological phenomena.

Perceptual memory:

e.g when you are seeing a scene those residences on your visual system are stored close to the
rest of the visual system in milliseconds

Short term working memory- can be stored in a short period of time.

e.g : the 7-2, you cellphone number.

Episodic memories – various periods wjat youre experiencing reduced to detail and then stored.

Global Workspace Theory by Bernard Bars

Whole brain knows what are the current conscious contents are the objects

Conscious contents:

• Short term memory
• Long term memory

• Attention is the key to consciousness. We can only attend to exactly one thing at a time.
• You can’t multitask.
• How we decide what we attend to?
• Attentional switching is time scaled. Every corner of the second, your brain makes the decision.
• Experiences in life defines the cursor of consciousness.
• Consciousness is emergent phenomena of life.

Other class of conscious contents:


The higher emotional balance, good or bad, the more likely it has on your being.
Number of useful memories has significance on your emotional balance.

You can access your emotional balance. (It's like, if you had a bad memories, you can turn it into a
good memories or funny memories). Can also prevent PTSD.

Try to control your flow of attention. Choose what you pay attention to.

Phone sucks your attention.

Take your attention very seriously.

Biggest takeaway:

Don’t let anything or anyone hijack your attention. You are your attention.


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