Growth Mindset Podcast

172: Living on your terms - Chris Howard

June 1st, 2021

We have another massive insight drop from the founder of The Rattle, Chris Howard. We take a dive into the mindset of why we do things and really picking the right reasons and not letting yourself be driven into making rash decisions just because everyone is doing it. How to choose your own entrepreneurial journey that fits the lifestyle for you rather than. Just kind of what everyone else says you should do

Top Takeaway

Entrepreneur vs Founder

Entrepreneurs Prove their Ideas, Founders Choose to Live their Ideas.

The meaning of success differs for startup founders and entrepreneurs. While startup founders gain fame and glory in their business, entrepreneurs go for the money. If an entrepreneur creates a line of products, than it is vital for him to sell it for money. While for startup founders, selling the product is not of immediate importance. They wait for the product to grow and become well known in the public and then bother about the money.


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