Growth Mindset Podcast

162: Mindsets and methodology for taking big shots - Listener questions

March 16th, 2021

Jomiro's question

'My partner, who is 32, left his software career of 15 years. He's sick of being an employee and living for a paycheck.

He wants to figure out what his contribution to the world is. His inspiration. At the moment, though, he feels stuck. Like his savings won't last. Feels l ike he has one shot to make the right decision and feels maybe some anxiety around this. His worst fear is that it won't work out and you have to go back to his desk job.

I really hope that hearing from someone like you who's been there and felt that, and feels struggles with the same things as this, like he does. (Maybe) you can give him some encouragement he needs to follow his guts and believe in himself, as much as I believe in him, we'd love to hear your answers to sort of help him out.'


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