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157: Study now, pay later - Austen Allred, CEO and co-founder Lambda School

February 9th, 2021

Austen Allred

CEO Austen Allred was inspired to co-found Lambda School after spotting the major disconnect between a labor market in need of specialized talent, and the inaccessibility of training programs designed to fill that gap. His solution is a fully remote tech school with Income Share Agreements; rather than pay the Lambda School for training upfront, students pay a portion of their income after they've graduated and secured a job.

Lambda School trains people to be software engineers at no up-front cost. Instead of paying tuition, students agree to pay a percentage of their income after they’re employed, and only if they’re making more than $50k per year. If you don’t find a job, or don’t reach that level of income, you’ll never pay a cent.

Austen’s disruptive ideas on the future of education, the labor market disconnect, and the opportunity of providing opportunity at-scale have been featured in: The Harvard Business Review, The Economist, WIRED, Fast Company, TechCrunch, The New York Times, among others.

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