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164: ALL things purpose, passion, and PLANTS - JP, Founder allplants

March 30th, 2021

Jonathan Petrides

Meet the founder leading a plant-based revolution Jonathan 'JP' Petrides. allplants is on a mission to make eating plant-based meals easy and delicious for everyone to enjoy.

From their kitchen in London they use bold flavours and hyper convenience to bring more plants onto plates across the UK, inspiring us all to eat healthy and nourish the planet - delivering chef-made meals nationwide.

Since launching in early 2017 with his brother Alex, they've bagged culinary awards for pushing the boundaries (from BBQ pulled Jackfruit to hand-made mushroom & tomato polpette balls), delivering over 2,000,000 healthy and delicious meals to doorsteps nationwide.

JP is passionate about gathering together brilliant people on a mission - previously launching both Africa's first mobile bank (M-Shwari), and Kenya's fastest growing retail healthcare chain (Penda).


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