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120: How to Youtube - Zac and Jay

June 29th, 2020

Zac and Jay

YouTubers, Zac Aslop and Jamie Rawsthorne run 'The Zac and Jay Show', a brilliantly entertaining and rapidly growing Youtube channel.

After working separately seeking the meaning to life and failing, the duo started working together on their fun ideas. They built the project into a tool that lets them work on their own terms doing what they love. They now have a huge audience of 700k subscribers (July 2020 - watch this space) by focussing on telling great stories and setting outrageuos challenges.

Zac and Jay

The Zac and Jay Show
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My name is Sam Harris. I am a British entrepreneur, investor and explorer. From hitchhiking across Kazakstan to programming AI doctors I am always pushing myself in the spirit of curiosity and Growth. My background is in Biology and Psychology with a passion for improving the world and human behaviour. I have built and sold companies from an early age and love coming up with unique ways to make life more enjoyable and meaningful.



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Top Tips

Try something new

When was the last time you tried something new? Whether you realize it or not, we spend the majority of your day doing things you’ve already donea lot of times before. Very rarely do you actually try new things for the purpose of engaging a unique experience.

The fear of the unknown and the fear of failure often tempt you to say “no” to anything new. But pushing out of your comfort zones is actually good for you in so many ways. The possibilities are absolutely endless when it comes to trying something new, and whether it’s a big or small leap outside your comfort zone you’ll still reap the benefits.

Trying new things is often terrifying and daunting and that’s reason enough to do it. Take a leap forward and embrace it completely.

Know your target audience

Knowing your target audience is an important piece of the marketing plan, yet people fail to execute this properly. When you clearly identify your target audience, you focus on connecting with them and when you know your audience, you know their problems. With this knowledge, you can pinpoint places of opportunity for your brand to provide solutions.

When you define your target audience, you create brand recognition and loyalty, deeply resonate with prospects, and improve your offerings all while creating better marketing campaigns. Identifying and understanding everything about your target audience is crucial for success.


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