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99: Things Don't Need to be Perfect - OddBox co-founders, Deepak Ravindran and Emilie Vanpoperinghe

March 19th, 2020

Emilie Vanpoperinghe and Deepak Ravindran

Emilie was previously Director of Finance & Operations for an international NGO set up by the Nike Foundation. Deepak worked for most global investment banks as Senior Consultant specialised in Global Equity Derivatives.

The Oddbox story started in Portugal, at a food market filled with wonky fruit and veg. Co-founders, Deepak and Emilie, were shocked to find out that a number of produce in the UK is wasted before it even leaves the farms because of the odd appearance meaning a lot of unnecessary waste for the plane The company works closely with farmers across the UK (& from abroad), rescuing fresh, seasonal surplus fruit & veg which are at risk of becoming food waste.

Make your 2020 sustainable with London’s favourite veg box
The box that helps save the planet by rescuing real, surplus fruit & veg directly from farms

Determined to battle food waste and give ugly, wonky fruits and veg a better, more beautiful future, they visited farms, talked to producers and came up with the idea for Oddbox. The couple believes that their box scheme could make the produce industry more sustainable.

We see a bright future in 'imperfect' produce because we believe that, just like people, fruit and vegetables come in all shapes, sizes and colours.

Emilie, Deepak and Oddbox

Oddbox Website
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My name is Sam Harris. I am a British entrepreneur, investor and explorer. From hitchhiking across Kazakstan to programming AI doctors I am always pushing myself in the spirit of curiosity and Growth. My background is in Biology and Psychology with a passion for improving the world and human behaviour. I have built and sold companies from an early age and love coming up with unique ways to make life more enjoyable and meaningful.



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Protect our Mother Earth

Protecting Our Planet Starts with You.

We produce tons of degradable and non-degradable waste, and throw it anywhere recklessly. Smoke and harmful gases from our homes, vehicles and industries are suffocating our beautiful planet.

Solutions to environmental problems are not impossible for us, if only we are that committed in sustaining a greener life. I too have the responsibilities to take care of my mother earth. My first role in nature is to reduce my own carbon footprint via eco-friendly activities. Try and reduce your own carbon print with small gestures.

Every act counts.

Without execution, it's just an idea

Execution is action that has a specific purpose toward achieving a strategic outcome.

Execution can be tricky so don’t just assume that you can execute better than the other guy, you need to understand the business intimately, nuances and all.

Successful execution takes commitment and discipline, just like a successful business. This is why execution is so important to successful business growth .

Now don’t get me wrong, strategic and tactical planning are still very important. However, plans are useless if you never take action on them.

Sometimes 2 is better than 1

There are situations where having a partner in life, in business or even in both can be fulfilling.

By sharing the labor, a partner may lighten the load. It may allow you to take time off when needed, knowing that there's a trusted person to hold the fort. This can have a positive impact on your personal life.

Everyone needs to be able to bounce off ideas or seek another perspective on important issues. When dealing with setbacks, having to cope with work and everyday frustrations pile up, it's nice to have someone to be there with and for you.

Ultimately, a business partnership is a marriage. And as with any long-lasting marriage, it's based on finding the right person, someone you trust, and enjoying being together within four walls.


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