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151: Top life-hack from 2020- Charity budgets

December 24th, 2020

Life hack for the year

I've done a very successful life hack of the year since starting this podcast. And I'm pleased to say this year is no different.

Annual Charity budgets

Something I came up with a few years ago to reduce general stress in my life and make me a happier and kinder person. After three years of this the results are in. It works.

I spend more time being happy, my relationships are better and more good things come back my way. I feel like I actually practice being the person I aspire to be. I am actually contributing positively to charity and climate, and I've gamified it into an enjoyable process.

I put at least 1% of my wealth into charities and spit it between climate and everything else.

Listen on to hear the basics of implementing it and the benefits it can bring if you do.



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