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138: How to Pitch to Venture Capitalists - Greg Spillane - Serial Entrepreneur

September 8th, 2020

Greg Spillane

Greg brings a unique combination of hands-on technical experience and a track record of large-scale business development. Greg’s professional career began as a developer.

Shortly afterward he founded a technology company, where he brought several cloud-based products to market. After they were acquired, Greg went on to lead business development with several of the top global technology consulting firms in the world, where he was directly responsible for generating over $250M in revenue. In 2014, Greg’s passion for building high-growth technology companies led him back to startups, where he joined BUMP as their COO.

He spearheaded their eventual pivot to, maintaining responsibility for all product development, sales, marketing, and client services. Greg has since led the successful turnaround of several other technology companies and has built a reputation as a team builder who can identify market opportunities, design innovative offerings and then effectively commercialize them to large markets.

Greg is a former Division I athlete and holds an MBA from the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business.

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Top Tip

Be investable

Make yourself investable. Share your passion, don’t be afraid to think big, practise your pitch and know your limitations. Understanding the value and investability of a company is a crucial skill for business owners and VC’s alike.

Serious investors who have heard over a thousand pitches and read hundreds of plans are most impressed with founders who make the right points in the shortest amount of time with the least prompting.

To be taken seriously by both investors and lenders, a company needs to show balance. Showing ambition tempered with realism and deep knowledge of your business and numbers is key. A great story and a sexy pitch deck might get you a meeting, but being organised, disciplined and realistic will take you all the way there.


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