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123: The Curious Mindset - Tom Davies, GeoWizard

July 7th, 2020

Tom Davies, GeoWizard

Tom Davies, better known online as GeoWizard, is an English YouTuber who uploads videos based around the online map game GeoGuessr.

In early 2019, Tom had felt a craving for an adventure — one that would push him mentally and physically and, with any luck, leave a sense of accomplishment at the end. He attempted to walk across the country of Wales in a completely straight line. He didn't upload the footage until summer of the same year.

He attempted to cross from the English border near the town of Oswestry, all the way to Dolgellau on the west coast. He made it just over half way before temporarily giving up, taking a 5 day break, and returning to walk the rest of the distance. Tom split the adventure into five parts, with each episode lasting just over 30 minutes. Each episode is entertaining and humorous as you would expect.

Tom has managed to accrue a massive following who is simply amazed at his ability to guess all kinds of random locations on the game GeoGuessr, a game that requires some intermediate travel and geographical knowledge. So gamers will be trying to guess the locations of remote towns or villages, roads, and other areas that might not be obvious at first glance..

There are dozens of other videos with Tom making impressive guesses on YouTube.


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