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117: How to get onto Podcasts - Christina Nicholson, PR expert, host - Media Maven

June 15th, 2020

Christina Nicholson

Christina Nicholson is a TV host who helps business owners grow by reaching their ideal customers or clients through the power of traditional and new media without spending big bucks on advertising.

Christina started her PR agency, Media Maven, after working as a TV anchor and reporter for more than 10 years with an infant and toddler at home. In four years, she grew Media Maven to a million dollar business with a remote team... and added another baby at home during that time!

Christina is also the host of the Become A Media Maven podcast and the founder of Podcast Clout, a podcast database that makes it easier for PR professionals to build podcast pitch lists.

You can still see her in front of the camera as a host on Lifetime TV, in national commercials, on the TEDx stage, and read her work online in Huff Post, Thrive Global, Inc. Magazine, Business Insider, Fast Company, and Boss Babe. She was selected as an Oprah Magazine Insider and Ambassador out of thousands of applicants.

Christina also has a local lifestyle and family blog, Christina All Day. She lives in South Florida with her husband and three young children.


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Top Tips

Do what's best for you

Some people will think that you are being selfish for wanting to do what's best for you. Nevermind what other people will think, as long as you're comfortable and happy... go do it!

Know that your voice is greater than theirs. You aren't living their life, so why take their opinion? Go do what's best for you and live your life. It's the only one you got. The point of life is to be happy and content. So work towards that. Don’t stay in unhealthy environments because that isn’t making you happy.

Be human and take care of yourself and make sure you are OK.

Enjoy the process

In today's society, we see a lot of "instant success" happening due to social media. You would see people sharing their acheivements - graduating from college, landing their dream job, getting their promotion, settling down with their significant other.

We're so used to the highlight reel that we forget that there's always a process behind every success and naturally people tend to share their achievements and not the journey towards it. Focusing on the outcome only lets you be happy a small percentage of the time and often we can't control the outcome we desire.

By enjoying the process, the outcome takes care of itself. Stay rooted in the present, because it’s a marathon not a sprint. Pace yourself. Slow down and be mindful of the present moment. That’s usually where the magic happens.


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