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78: 'Know Thyself' - Gene and Microbiome Sequencing - Sergey Musienko, CEO - Atlas Biomed

December 12th, 2019

Sergey Musienko is the founder and CEO of Atlas Biomed. They provide genetic sequencing and microbiome tests to monitor your health.
Sergey is a graduate of the singularity university ran by Ray Kurzweil where he first started working on the idea for Atlas Biomed. They are now one of the leading sources of data and insights into health for the curious and health-conscious human.

I have used their tests myself and can highly recommend the insights and the user interface of the website is simply fantastic. There is a tonne of complicated data that they boil down into a really accessible and interesting format. They provide all the key information for how to actively increase your health and life-span with cutting edge science.


  • The importance of genetics in getting to know an individual’s health.
  • How efforts are being made to make medicine proactive rather than reactive.
  • How genotyping can be used to find out the disease risks that individuals face due to genetic mutations?
  • Multi-factorial traits and diseases – how genetic only partially affects them.
  • Combining genetic information with personal data and health records to develop a holistic idea about one’s health.
  • Gut bacteria – their importance, functions, effects, diversity, and even transplants.
  • A diverse diet is essential to maintain one’s health for a long period of time.
  • How Sergey’s company aims to push science

Sergey and Atlas Biomed

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