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58: Light Yourself Up - Kathryn Binkley

June 22nd, 2019

Kathyrn Binkley is a success coach helping women achieve awesome things. Her focus is to help people build a business and a life that lights them up.

She is a delightful bundle of amazing advice so it was a joy to spend time with her and tap into her wisdom. We cover some of the most important things you need to change about your mindsets as well as:

  • How to be original
  • How to find your voice
  • How to market yourself
  • How to show up in life. 


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Copying others is silly when you are the best human in the world at being you. Having a unique voice is much more interesting than trying to sound like others, as more of the world is making content it will be increasingly important to have a unique angle.

“People want specialists. If you need heart surgery you want a dedicated heart surgeon and not a general doctor”


Working with others and letting them fail and take on things outside of their comfort zone is an amazingly kind thing you can do. Creating an open space for people to make mistakes and not feel that they need to hide them means they can develop greatly as an individual.


Life happens and there are things you can’t control. but you can always control yourself and improve your situation by taking responsibility and ownership. If you stand by and passively let life happen to be you are destined to always be a victim of your situation. If you take control then you can achieve anything.

“You can’t control everything that is happening in your life. But you can control how you view it;

As happening to you and against you vs. How it is benefitting you, what the opportunity is, how you can learn from it and be grateful for it”


My name is Sam Harris. I am a British entrepreneur, investor and explorer. From hitchhiking across Kazakstan to programming AI doctors I am always pushing myself in the spirit of curiosity and Growth. My background is in Biology and Psychology with a passion for improving the world and human behaviour. I have built and sold companies from an early age and love coming up with unique ways to make life more enjoyable and meaningful.



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1:10 - Intro to Katherine

Female success coach and entrepreneur

1:30 - What should you know before starting a business

You don’t learn to do absolutely everything. Just choose the right things for you that are manageable and get you to achieve your definition of success

3:40 - What are Kathryn’s goals?

Not working all the time. Working half days and travelling. freedom and choice to travel and work with who she wants

4:30 - What are Kathryn’s external goals?

Help people see their potential and achieve it.

5:15 - What does she focus on to achieve her end goals?

Journaling to keep herself focussed (5 minute journal)

Keeping in touch with her main message and strategy

6:45 - How does she sell to her clients?

Different clients but she makes evergreen content people can work through and see if they like her. Blog, podcast, email newsletter, webinars

8:45 - Why only work with women?

Her content is relevant to anyone but women like having coaching just for them

9:30 - Victim vs. Victor mindset?

Being female doesn’t make you a victim it is your mindset and creating awareness that you can choose how to respond is key

11:30 - A time when Kathryn had a big mindset change

5 years she was working too hard. Decided to start her own business and that success was going to be the only option. Consciously decided to go all in and made it happen on her own terms without giving up

13:45 - Top Tips in marketing

People see too many tactics and then think that this new tactic will be a magic bullet and put all their hopes into that. It requires 4 main components:

  • Strategy
  • Visibility
  • Promoting
  • Sales

People use one tactic and then try to sell people straight away. Make a clear process of leading them down a funnel and having a clear action at the end of each piece of content

17:00 - Biggest mistake in Marketing

Not knowing their customer. They don’t use the right language or frame the product in the right way.

People want specialists. If you need heart surgery you want a great heart surgeon and not a general doctor

19:30 - Importance of choosing your clients

If you aren’t selective then you’ll get clients you don’t want and create a portfolio and background doing what you don’t want to do. Then you make more sales you don’t want

21:00 - The Future of Marketing

Content creation is too easy and everyone is making content. Now it is hard to get peoples attention so you need to be truly unique and special. You need to deserve peoples attention

23:00 - Importance of balance

Constantly creating or consuming content can be bad and you need to give yourself and audience a break sometimes to think their own thoughts.

Don’t create more content that is already out there

26:00 - Favourite book - Drive by Daniel Pink

Humans are driven by Purpose, Mastery and Autonomy. Remember this and focus on helping others achieve this

27:00 - Kindest thing

She was given a job with tasks outside her comfort zone and abilities but with a safe space to make mistakes and improve. Developed her confidence and skills amazingly quickly.

28:30 - Giving people the opportunity to fail

failure isn’t exactly a target but it’s great to allow

29:30 - Most vivid memory from childhood

After parents divorced sitting with her mother who sang to her and was strong for Kathryn even though she was going through her own problems

31:00 - Kathryns other work

She gives back a lot and works with communities and churches to help them do more good

32:00 - Kathryn asks Sam about the mindset podcast

A good chance to be nosey and find out how people work and why they make the decisions they make and how success and happiness happens

33:20 - If you could do anything with unlimited resources and no fear what would you do?

Make a massive fund to research and solve climate change.

34:00 - What would Kathryn do with unlimited resources

Help everyone realise their full potential and empowering them to do it

This is what we are both trying to achieve with our current work and even if we impact a few people that is still a huge result.


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