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80: Driving Policy Change and Personal Change - Jessica Templeton, Director of LSE 100

December 19th, 2019

Jessica Templeton is a political scientist and award-winning educator who is the Director of the LSE 100 course.

With expertise in global environmental politics and regulation of hazardous chemicals, Jessica is also a writer, editor and team leader for the Earth Negotiations Bulletin, a nonpartisan publication of the International Institute for Sustainable Development that analyses multilateral environmental negotiations conducted under the auspices of the United Nations.

I met Jessica at a fascinating AI conference and simply had a lot of fun talking to her. It was a delight to continue our conversation and find lot's of common ground as well as learn about her work in political science and policymaking. A really topical conversation for those interested in how political decisions are made and what we can do to influence them. 


  • The importance of outdoor activities in developing a connection with the environment and nature – excessive and mindless usage of technology may pose a barrier to that.

  • How external influences like the upbringing in a feminist household and being a part of a Quaker school with a unique and distinct focus on equality and inclusion helped Jessica develop her outlook on socio-economic and political aspects of life.

  • Discussion on the topics of gender discrimination practised in professional ecosystems, socio-economic issues, and their addressing, and the effectiveness and implementation of collective action.

  • Taking responsibility for one’s actions as an individual and their impacts on the environment and community.

  • How consumers must become conscious of the impacts of their shopping habits on the environment and thus pressure corporations into producing environment-friendly products by showing an increased inclination towards products and brands that are “green.”

  • The importance and functioning of institutions that work to bring people together internationally to shape policies and reforms regarding rising global concerns.

  • How one can learn more by trying to communicate the knowledge that they already have to other people.

  • How people with different expertise address and view problems differently.

  • The importance of sincere engagement in international negotiations.
  • Jessica and LSE 100

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