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75: Making Things Add Up - Ingrid Thompson, Founder Healthy Numbers

December 2nd, 2019

Ingrid Thomson is a leading business coach and author with a focus on finance. She empowers anyone to take control of their money to achieve their dreams.

Ingrid departed a career in finance to follow her passion and start a business. After numerous lessons, she pivoted into helping other business owners grow their businesses by coaching them to understand their finances and align them with their goals. She has gone on to write a book that can help innovators start a business with minimal stress and maximum effectiveness.

She is a bundle of fun and a joy to talk to. Her insights into life, business, the future and the world are highly fascinating. We cover topics such as:

- Emigrating from Ireland to Australia

- Taking a Gap Year before they existed

- Growth Mindset and numbers

- The lies we tell ourselves

- Taking ownership

- Lessons learnt building a clothing business

- Starting a coaching business

- Sanity not Vanity metrics

- How to prove people will pay for your product

- How to work out if you are the right person for your business idea

- Global warming and effects in Australia

- Problems with old governments

- Kindness


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