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76: Rethinking Education & Your Life - Grant Aldrich, CEO -

December 5th, 2019

Grant Aldrich founded with a purpose-driven mission: make higher education more accessible and affordable for everyone.

After graduating college with an overwhelming amount of debt, he was determined to change how students embark on their college education. Grant has spent his entire career working in startups with nearly 15 years of experience. He has been a board member and donor to a number of non-profits, an advisor to many publicly traded companies.


  • What stops people from going back to school in their professional career.

  • How a college degree can improve one’s career path or increase options in the future.

  • Why a dynamic business model is needed for the establishment of a successful business.

  • Your job should fit you – It should be something you want and like to do.

  • Before choosing a career path, “know thyself.”

  • Having children or having a family can make one more discerning about what they do.
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