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77: The Future is What You Build - Colin Billings, CEO - Orro, First employee - Stitcher

December 9th, 2019

Colin Billings is a forward-thinking human and change-maker.

He first worked on Stitcher which changed the podcasting world we love today. After selling it he thought about what else he wanted to change and ended up with his home and launched "Orro" by securing investment from Yahoo CEO "Jerry Yang".
"Orro" is a responsive lighting system for home automation. It adapts to your presence and your habits to bring natural lighting and mood-setting without you ever thinking about it.

We discuss a lot of fun stuff on the podcast, some key insights include:

  • How the Orro switch was invented

  • The importance of and need for automated light switches

  • How to explain radical ideas to people and get traction

  • Why people would take the risk to switch from a stable job in a corporation to work for a startup.

  • Raising money in San Francisco

  • What makes a good boss and a great leader?

  • The history of podcasting – Colin’s career with the podcast network called Stitcher.

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